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(Rename downloaded Mac OS file to .dmg)

Nature Treks - Healing with Color is completely FREE and available for both Windows and MacOS. Nature Treks contains no advertising.

If you like the experience and want to give something back you can donate a few dollars to my local cat rescue here


Nature Treks is now available on the App Store

The conversion of nature treks for both iPhone and iPad is now complete. It is available to purchase on the app store for $2.99. Due to the detailed 3d graphics we recommend you have an iPad2 or above, or an iPhone4s or above.


Some Nice Comments

    "Nature Treks is a serene experience that will have you feeling calm and relaxed whenever you need it."
    Greg - Michigan

    "Beautiful relaxing world, more please!!!"
    Jessica - Sydney

    "Relaxing, Original, Beautiful, What a nice surprise. If you have trouble sleeping I would really recommend this, I play it for 10 minutes in bed and it really does the job."
    Johnie N - US

    "If you have a son or daughter that likes relaxation based apps then I recommend this. Worked great for my kids. "
    Vonreaglev - US

    "Nice one, my stressed out daughter came back from her new school, gave her a go on Nature Treks and it instantly helped chill her out"
    Toby - London

    "I suffer from Anxiety and Nature Treks really helps me relax, thankyou!"
    Maria - Washington

    "I would recommend this, particularly if you play games and like relaxing/meditation music. It combines everything very very well. Quite possibly a new genre of game "
    mmpatricia - US

    "Wonderful original idea, makes a refreshing change from everything else out there"
    David - New York